Join Ashley's
White Label

Pick an Ashley product and fabric, and we will build it for you. Built by
Ashley Furniture Industries, in our factories. Sold with your brand on the products.

*Minimum order quantity required.

Upholstery, Motion, Recliners,
and Mattress in a Box
Add Your Own Label
to the Products
Produced in Our Own
Advanced Factories
Ashley Currently Ships
to 120+ Countries
Products Ship out
from Our Factories
in Vietnam
Save Time and Money by
Partnering with the Largest
Furniture Manufacturer in
the world
Join Ashley to Expand Your Business
  • White Labeling puts your brand on Ashley's refined products
  • Same manufaturing methods, quality, and standards as our branded products
  • You pick an Ashley style and fabric, we build it in our own factories
  • We have a strong reputation for delivering reliable high-performance products
  • Minimum order requirements vary
14 Factories
in USA & International Facilities

Ashley blends and optimizes domestic and foreign production efforts delivering quality
products on time and at an exceptional value to our customers.

About Ashley

Ashley - founded in 1945, one of the world's largest furniture manufacturers,
has been the #1 furniture selling brand in USA for over 17 years in a row.