If you're considering opening a home furnishings store or becoming an authorized independent retailer, you may be wondering about the differences between a licensing model and a franchise model. At Ashley Furniture, we use a licensing model for our business operations.

So, what does this mean for you as an authorized independent retailer? Essentially, it means that you'll be able to use the Ashley Furniture brand and sell our products without paying any fees for the license. This is in contrast to a franchise model, where you would have to pay a franchise fee in order to use the franchise's brand and sell their products.

But the benefits of the Ashley Furniture licensee model don't stop there. With our model, there are no profit-sharing agreements or shared ownership – it's your business, and you have full control over it. Ashley Furniture focuses all of our energy on providing you with the best products, and we offer guidance, training, and support for all aspects of your business operations, such as advertising and visual store design, at no additional cost. The only requirement is that you purchase the products from us, the company.

In short, the Ashley Furniture licensee model provides you with the benefits of a strong brand and access to the furniture market, along with valuable support and resources, all without any additional fees or shared ownership. If you're ready to join the Ashley Furniture family and grow your own business, contact us to learn more about the opportunities available.